To use Accorto Time and Expense, a Salesforce License and a Resource record is needed.

Onboarding new users for Accorto Time+Exoense involves

  • create Salesforce User (or community user)
  • assign License
  • assign Permission Set
  • create Resource
  • optionally add billing rates and costs

We provide several options to do many steps of the above in one go.  You can also automatically perform these steps automatically.

Salesforce User

You can use any (paid) Salesforce License - in addition to full licenses you can use restricted Platform,, and Chatter Plus licenses (w/o access to e.g. opportunities, cases, ..). You can also use Community and Portal Licenses (e.g. for external consultants).

In the User screen (Setup > Users > Users), you can use the Custom Link: Create/Update Resource

User - Create/Update Resource


to create/sync the Resource, assign the License and Permission Set in one step:

If the link is not displayed, add the Custom Link to the User Page Layout.

Portal User

In the Contact, select the action "Enable Customer User".  This brings you to the User screen for the details.  After creating the user, click on the link Create/Update Resource - to create Resource, assign a License, and Permission Set.

If you do not have the option to enable the customer user, please check the setup of the Portal / Experience site.

Accorto License

You add the Accorto License also manually

  • Go to Setup > Build > Installed Packages
  • Click on the Manage Licenses link for the Accorto package
  • Add the user(s)

Permission Set

We provide five default Permission Sets - for details and setting up sharing, check User Access


A resource provides the link to the User (and contact if Community User). A user can have multiple resources for billing purposes (e.g. manager and consultant on the same project).

A resource can also be not linked to a user, e.g. rooms, vehicles, etc.

To add a resource, there are multiple options

  •  Manual
    • In Tab Resource click New and create the record 
    • and select the user
  • From User window
    • Go to Setup > Manage Users > Users - and select the user
    • In the Custom Links section, click on the Create/Update Resource link and a resource is automatically maintained.
      (If there is no link, you can add it via Edit Layout for the user page)
  • Adding multiple users
    • in Accorto Tab Welcome (1)
    • click on the Manager link (2)
    • click the [Create Resources from Users] button and resources are created for all users who do not have a resource record. (3). Note this will not create users for Community Users.

Multiple Resources per User

A Salesforce User may have multiple resources for different roles and billing rates for the same project (for example, sometimes acting as a project manager and other times as a consultant).

Resource Details

You can also check/maintain the user/license/permission set status in the Resource Tab:

If a license or permission set is not assigned, a button allows you to do that directly.

You can also

  • Set Permission (if missing) for all users
  • Find Community Users and create Resources for them
  • Fix Record Ownership (where the resource user is different from the record owner)
  • Fix Allocations (where the resource user is different from the user allocated)

The latter two items help if you had to create a new user (e.g. Salesforce license changes from Community to Platform, etc.)

Use the Resource Tab to maintain planning information like

  • Skill Set
  • Capacity in hours per day (defaults to 8)
  • Days per week (defaults to 5)
  • Capacity in hours per week (calculated)

For Payroll Processing, maintain information like

  • Payroll Code
  • Payroll Period Limit (max hours to report)
  • Payroll Processors

Check also Resource Pricing.

If you select the Manager, the user can see other people's timesheets in the Open Timesheets component.

What resources a manager can see depends on Resource sharing settings/rules.