To use Accorto Time and Expense, a Salesforce License and a Resource record is needed.

Salesforce User

You can use any (paid) Salesforce License - in addition to full licenses you can use restricted and Chatter Plus licenses (w/o access to e.g. opportunities, cases, ..). You can use also Portal Licenses (e.g. for external consultants).  The user needs to be assigned to a Profile with access to Accorto objects.

You add the Accorto License via

  • Go to Setup > Build > Installed Packages
  • Click on the Manage Licenses link for the Accorto package


A resource provides the link to user. A user can have multiple resources for billing purposes (e.g. manager and consultant on the same project).

A resource can also be not linked to a user, e.g. roome, vehicles, etc.

To add a resource, there are multiple options

  •  Manual
    • In Tab Resource click New and create the record 
    • and select the user
  • From User window
    • Go to Setup > Manage Users > Users - and select the user
    • In the Custom Links section, click on the Create/Update Resource link and a resource is automatically maintained.
      (If there is no link, you can add it via Edit Layout for the user page)
  • Adding multiple users
    • In Accorto Tab Welcome (or T&E Workbench)
    • click on the Manager link
    • click the [Create Resources from Users] button and resources are created for all users who do not have a resource record.

Multiple Resources per User

A Salesforce User may have multiple resources for different roles and billing rates for the same project (for example, sometimes acting as a project manager and other times as a consultant).

Resource Details

In the Resource Tab maintain planning information like

  • Skill Set
  • Cost per hour
  • Capacity in hours per day
  • Days per week
  • Capacity in hours per week

For Payroll Processing, maintain information like

  • Payroll Code
  • Payroll Period Limit (max hours to report)