Before installing Accorto Cloud, you need to enable the Product Schedule.
If you begin the installation without enabling the Product Schedule, you may encounter the error message

This app can't be installed.
There are problems that prevent this package from being installed.
Missing Organization Feature: ProductSchedule

In this case, it is necessary to activate the Product Schedule. This feature enables to create product schedules in Opportunities (if used, information is copied to the Project when synchronized).

Prerequisite: Enabling the Product Schedule

Here are the steps to enable the Product Schedule:

  • Go to the Salesforce Setup menu (In the upper left corner of the Home page, click on the arrow next to your user name and select Setup).
  • In the left-side menu that appears on the next page, navigate to App Setup > Products > Schedule Setup.
    (Alternatively, locate the Quick Find field at the top of the menu listing, enter "schedule" in the field and then select "Schedule Setup".)
  • Check the boxes for Quantity and Revenue Schedules.
  • Click the Save button.

You can now install Accorto.

Missing Organization Feature: Project__c.Sharing

This installation error occurs (rarely) in some organization types when there is a name clash - example: you may have a custom object called Project and we have a object called Project. In this case, you may get the error message:

Missing Organization Feature: Project__c.Sharing

To go forward, change go to SetupSharing Settings and change the settings for your object to Private before the install.
After the install, you can change it back.

This is a known Salesforce bug. You certainly can have your custom object in parallel to our objects as they are in different name spaces.