Accorto Parameters are used for various settings. 

Go to Setup > Develop > Custom Settings

  • Click on Manage Accorto Parameters
  • Click on New (or edit existing)
    • In field Name enter e.g. FirstDayInWeek
    • In field Key enter exactly FirstDayInWeek
    • In field Value Integer, enter the year where 1/1 is the weekday you require (see below)
    • In field Value String, enter the specific locale (e.g. en_US)

Note that defining the First Day of Week is defined in the Payroll Processor now.

Lookup Contents

You can use Parameters to define the fields to query and display for Lookup fields in the Lightning Time components.

Key (value in Value String)DescriptionExample
ALookup:sObjectType:1Fields for item title - separated by a comma ","ALookup:opportunity:1=Account.Name,Stage
ALookup:sObjectType:2Fields for item subtitle - separated by a comma ","ALookup:Opportunity:2=MyField__c,Name

Here an example, to show a custom field in the Case lookup