Accorto Settings are used for various settings, mainly to determine the layout of the Timesheet and Expense entry.

Go to Setup > Develop > Custom Settings

  • Click on Manage Accorto Settings
  • Click on New in Default Organization Level Value (top of the screen) 

Projects: Create automaticallyCreate Projects from Opportunities automatically when the opportunity is won (Probability = 100%) - Options: "phases" or "lines"
Expense Entry: Show Entry ModeIn Expense Table Default: Show the Entry Mode (which defaults to Expense) - Enter yes (default) or no
Expense Entry: Show RateIn T&E Expense - show the exchange rate - yes or no (default)
First Day in Week

Note that defining the First Day of Week is defined in the Payroll Processor now.

Multi Currency ModeSet 'no' if you want to see only the User (Dual) document currency - or the default 'yes' for Accounting and Dual Currency
Dual Multi Currency T&ESet 'no' if you want to see only the User (Dual) document currency - or the default 'yes' for Accounting and Dual Currency
Projects: Freeze after Report approvedDon't allow Project/Phase/Line to be changed after the T&E Report has been approved - yes or no (default)
Project: ModeProject Mode options "ProjectOnly" (default) or "ProjectAndLine" or "ProjectAndPhase" or for individual fields "Individual" or "IProjectAndPhase" or "IProjectAndLine"
Project: Mode (Case)Special Project Mode Overwrite for Case - if empty uses the normal Project: Mode
T&E Timesheet: Show RemainingShow/capture Remaining Hours in the Timesheet - "yes" or "no" (default). If you entered Remaining Hours in an T&E Item with a Project Line, the info will be copied to the Item is reported.
T&E Workbench Content
T&E Item Workbench content - if not defined, the single item entry is displayed. Valid values are "TEItemQuickSingle" (default), "TEItemQuickTable" and "TEItemTimesheet"
T&E Workbench Item LinksWorkbench T&E Item Links - TEItemLinks (default) or TEItemLinksAll - Use the latter for CRM Profiles as it includes links to cases
Time Report DateBy default the "end" date of the week is used - other options: "start" the first day in the week or "submit" - the date when the timesheet is submitted.

Settings for specified Profile/User

You can specify (overwrite) the settings above for certain profiles and or users. Note that there is no "inheritance", so you need to define the full set of parameters and not just the delta.