Invoice Header

To create a manual invoice go to the tab Invoice and select New.

Document Type

You can organize your Invoices by Document Type - e.g. Export, Government, etc. Document Types allow you to specify the invoice document number range or prefix.

Account (Address)

The Address section displays the billing address defined for the account selected above. If no billing address is defined, or if the billing address is not accurate, enter the correct address information and select Sync Address with Account to update the account record with the correct information.

Note: If you change the account after other data has been selected, click Update Account Info to retrieve the appropriate associated contact and address data.

Invoice Details

The Details section displays the date and payment information for the invoice. Enter the Invoice Date. If a different date should be used for financial accounting purposes, enter that date in the Accounting Date field. Select a Payment Term for the invoice. The Due Date will be calculated based on the payment term definition.

The Freight & Handling section displays any freight (shipping) and handling charges that apply to the invoice. Select a Tax, if appropriate for these charges. The Shipping Tax will be calculated based on the data entered.

The Reference section displays Opportunity, Campaign or Contract that this invoice references. Enter these values as appropriate. If the invoice was generated from another record (opportunity or T&E report), these values may be populated for you.

Invoice Line

The Information section displays the product or service for the invoice line. Select a Product or Resource for this line. Click on Update Product/Resource Info to populate the List Price, Unit Price and Discount. If security allows, you can update these fields as necessary. When a Quantity is entered, the Subtotal will be calculated.

The Tax section displays the Tax to be applied to the invoice line. This can be different than any tax used for the freight and handling charges or for any other invoice lines.

The Reference section displays the Project that this invoice references. Select a value as appropriate. If the invoice was generated from another record (opportunity or T&E report), this value may be populated for you.

Deleting Invoices

You can delete an invoice, which will delete all invoice lines. This will update linked entities like Time Expense Items.

Invoice Format/Layout

We support two invoice format types:

  • Using customizable Visual Pages, if pagination is not a concern
    - select standard layout - or summarized by Service or expenses
  • Highly tailored invoice format, also with summaries
    (e.g. by project, resource, location) and detail records.