Create an invoice from a Salesforce Opportunity by

  • clicking on the Create Invoice button in the Opportunity
  • going to the Invoices Tab - click New - click on the New from Opportunity link (upper right corner)

The Products from the Opportunity are displayed and any or all may be selected. The Not Invoiced Amount represents the amount of the total Opportunity that has not yet been invoiced. Any invoice lines already associated with this Opportunity are referenced as active links at the bottom of the window.

The Account, Contact and Opportunity Description will be copied from the Opportunity to the Invoice Header. The billing address will default from the Account. The address can be updated on the Invoice and if appropriate, update the account record by selecting the Sync Address with Account button.

The Payment term is copied from the Account, but can also be updated is security permissions allow. If appropriate you can enter a different invoice or accounting date.

The Opportunity name will be updated in the reference section and you can also include a Campaign or Contract if desired.

When all necessary information has be added or updated select one of the Invoice creation options.

  • Create Invoice from All Lines - will create an invoice with all lines from the Opportunity.
  • Create Invoice from Selected Lines - will create an invoice with only those lines selected
  • Create Invoice from Schedule - will create an invoice for the selected lines based on the schedule defined for the products.
  • Create Summary Invoice - will create an invoice with a single line using the description of the Invoice header with an amount of the Opportunity.

The Invoice window is displayed. Products can be added or deleted from the invoice and fields can be updated as allowed by your security settings.

Click on Create Invoice after reviewing details like Account Address, etc.

You can change the new Invoice manually or delete and re-create it with different selections.