Create an invoice from Time Expense Reports by

  • clicking on the link Create Customer Invoice in the Time Expense Report
  • going to the Invoices Tab - click New - click on the New from T&E Report link (upper right corner)

This is a multi step process.

If you want to create an invoice for a single project, you could also do this via the Project TabĀ 

Account (and Project) Selection

Select the account and optionally restrict the Project and/or Project Phase.

Click the Get not invoiced Reports for Account/Project button. This will display the reports with billable lines.

You can create Invoice Lines

  • One Invoice Line per T&E Item
  • One Invoice Line per T&E Report

for Time, Expenses or both.

For expenses, you can add a markup in percent.

Report Selection

Select the reports, you want to invoice. To invoice a Time Expense Report, it needs to be approved.

Click Add Invoice Lines

Line Selection

Based on the Create Line Options, the invoice lines are displayed. You can change

  • Resource (e.g. for different pricing)
  • Quantity
  • Unit Price (derived from Resource or Project Line)

Click on Create Invoice after reviewing details like Account Address, etc.

You can change the new Invoice manually or delete and re-create it with different selections.