The resource plan allows you to see all scheduled tasks for resources.

Resource Plan Query

Select any Start Day and the number of days to display.

You can restrict the selection of resources by

  • Only Active Resources (see Active flag in Resource)
  • Resource Type (one or more options of the Resource Type in Resource - usually Employee, Contractor ...)
  • Resource Group (one or more options of the Resource Group in Resource)
  • Resource Skill (one or more options of the Skill Set in Resource)
  • Resource Location (one or more options of the Location in Resource)

or by selecting one or more the resources directly.

When changing the resource options, the list of resources is updated.

You can select the selection of projects by

  • Only Active Projects (see Active in Project)
  • Project Status
  • Project Group
  • Project Manager
or by selecting one or more project directly.
When changing the project options, the list of projects is updated.

By default only planned Project Lines (with a Planned Start/End date) are included.  You can also select to Include unplanned Project Lines.

Resource Plan Navigation

You can view previous and next month and weeks.

Bar Details

The Project Task bar provides information about

  • Type (background color)
    • Planned Task/Line - light blue
    • Unplanned Task/Line - light yellow/brown
    • Time-Off - light green
    • Summary - black bar
    • Milestone - black diamond
  • Project and Task/Line name with a dot
    • Progress - ahead (green) - as planned (white) - behind (yellow) - critical (red) - or gray if not set 
    • Billable - blue (yes) or black (no) border 
  • Project Group
    • different Bar Border colors
If the Project Line has allocations, that information is displayed.

When you click on the bar, a dialog opens with the Project Task/Line detail information.