The Timesheet is a convenient way to enter your time and submit it for approval. It concentrates on the time dimension of the Time Expense Item.

The Timesheet is organized by week. In addition to the Timesheet, you can 

  • Add the component New Time+Expense or Timer to any record page
  • Capture Time in Opportunities, Cases, Events, or Tasks as well in custom objects (classic UI)
  • Enter expenses (optionally with time) in the Expense Tab
  • Check the time by day in the Timecard
  • Combine Time and Expenses for a Visit
  • Use the Mobile apps to record time a single entry for timesheet as well as expenses.
  • Setup the timesheet to enter the time bi-monthly (1st to 15th, 16th to month-end)

This describes the lightning UI Timesheet (tab: Time) - you can also use the Classic UI Timesheet (tab: Timesheet).


The default Timesheet page has two reports (My Project Hours, My Activities), which you can update/change vis the standard Setup - Edit Page functionality.

Select the Week

When opening the tab Time, the Timesheet is displayed for the current week.

You can go to the previous or next week via the [<] arrow [>] buttons or directly select a date.

Display - Week (workdays, all) - Single Day

When opening, the workdays of the current week are displayed. You can show the time for

  • only one day (click on toggle Show all days)
    - the [<] arrow [>] buttons then go to the next day
  • show all days of the week by clicking on the Weekends toggle


  • set the week start (first day in the week) day in Payroll Processor
  • you can always show weekends via > Setup > Custom Settings -- Manage Accorto Settings

Time Category

By default, you categorize your time by selecting

You can set various Project Modes, e.g. to show also Project Phases in addition to Project and Project Line - or don't use Project at all.

You can also choose not to display the Activity Type (Accorto Settings) and/or show additional (custom) columns. Popular options are Accounts, Opportunities, etc.. You add additional columns via Timesheet Field Set of the object T&E Items.

Enter Time

Time is maintained in decimal hours, e.g. 1.5h, but you can enter time in various formats

  • 90 (minutes - any number from 15 up is interpreted as minutes)
    - if you want to enter 15 hours, use '15h' or '15:00' or '15.' or '15:'
    - if you want to enter 5 minutes, enter '5m'
  • 1h30 or 1h30m
  • 1:30
  • 90m 

The system can set up to round up times, e.g. to multiples of ".1" (6 minutes) or ".25" (15 minutes) or a full hour.


You can choose between several documentation options:

  • Weekly description (displayed by default)
  • Daily Description (displayed by clicking on the Description toggle)
  • Long description

The length of the weekly and daily descriptions is up to 255 characters each. You can also select to use a long weekly description (up to 32k) vis Accorto Settings.

You can also set up the system so that the daily description is always displayed and also that it is required when time is entered for that day (via Accorto Settings).


The billable column is used to overwrite the default Billable selection of the Project Line and if not defined there, on the Project level.
The column can be hidden (via Accorto Settings).


Once you save the timesheet, the link to the T&E Item detail record is displayed. 

If the timesheet is submitted, a link to the timesheet is created showing the current status of the T&E Report (e.g. '(submitted)')

The column can be hidden (via Accorto Settings).


If the time is not submitted, you can delete the time record.


Save your entries by clicking on the Save button.  After saving, you can still modify the entry or delete it.

If you navigate to another week, you are asked if you want to save your work.

If you navigate to another page, you will lose your entries.


Click on the New (+) button to add another line.


When you completed the time entry, submit your time.  This creates a T&E Report and submits it for approval.

After the time is submitted, it is displayed in your timesheet as read-only.

You can create new time entries after you submitted the previously saved ones.

Multiple Timesheets

You can create/submit multiple Timesheets, in fact, we support splitting the timesheet into multiple T+E Reports (e.g. for approval by different Project Managers).

Change a created/submitted T&E Report

After you submitted the timesheet for approval and want to change the T&E report, you have the following options:

  • if it is already approved, just create adjusting entries and submit these
  • if it is not approved, you may be able to recall the report and change the lines in the report.
  • You could now also delete the report. Deleting the report does not delete the T&E lines - they will appear (as usual) in the timesheet, and you can modify them there.

Setup Timesheet

Note that there are many settings to customize the appearance and behavior of the Timesheet entry.

Most of them are defined in > Setup > Custom Settings -- Manage Accorto Settings - Examples:

  • Show Weekends
  • Show Daily Descriptions
  • Project Mode: ProjectAndLine (default), ...
  • Show Activity Type
  • Show Billable
  • Show Links

You add additional columns via the Field Set 'Entry_Timesheet' of the object T&E Item.

Tips & Hints

Resource field not populated

If the Resource field is not automatically populated, make sure that there is a resource for the user and that the User link in the Resource is populated. You can also automatically create or update the resources from user records; For details see Resource.

Entering Time for Others

You can enter time for others by selecting a different Resource. The user who enters time for others must have permissions (usually "Modify All' for T+E Item and Report). See Time Expense Report for setup details.

Copy from Template - Additional columns

If you want to copy additional fields (e.g. description, hours, ...), you can define the fields to copy in 

> Setup > Custom Settings - Manage Accorto Copy Columns (see details)

Note that you need to use the fully qualified names e.g. accorto_TE_Item__c . accorto__Description__c

and if you want to copy hours, you need to copy column accorto__Hours__c and the daily values accorto__x1__c ... accorto__x7__c.

The same applies to the daily descriptions (accorto__d1__c ... accorto__d7__c).