Expenses are captured to be re-imbursed and or billed to clients. Expenses can be just in a single currency; we also support Muli Currency and Dual Currency expense tracking. With expenses, you might want to capture included Tax - Use Tax or VAT.

You can capture expenses via

  • Time Expense Table
  • Mobile
  • Create from Statement
  • Time Expense Item Import
  • Time Expense Single Item

Expense items can also be based on fixed amounts, e.g. for mileage or per diem.

Here an example of a typical user workflow.

Financial Accounts

Key part of categorizing expenses is the Financial Account. Here you determine

  • Name and Code - for referencing
  • Account Type (Expense) and enabling the account to T&E Report use
  • Tax (usually included)
  • Fixed amounts for e.g. mileage or per diem

Note that you can have multiple (e.g. mileage) rates for different users.


We support Multi Currency (e.g. a US company incurring expenses also in EUR and reonbursing them in USD) - as well as Dual Currency (e.g. a Canadian company reimbursing EUR expenses of a US employee in USD). For details see Multi-Currency.


You can capture Tax information and let the system calculate the tax amount and/or optionally overwrite the tax amount.

Expenditure Type

Differentiate expenses incurred via Cash or (Company) Credit Card - and if to re-imburse or just to capture/reconcile them.

Entering Expenses for Others

You can enter expenses for others by selecting a different Resource. The user you enter time for must have granted access. See Time Expense Report for setup details.