Accorto provides a mobile application available at It allows you to

  • enter Time records
  • enter Expense records
  • view and update your recent Time/Expense records

The application requires the installation of 'Accorto Cloud Plus' in your salesforce organization. For the mobile user interfaces, there is nothing you need to install.

Accorto Mobile works with the recent HTML5 capable phones like the recent generations of iPhone, Android, etc. With some restrictions, you can also use the application with older devices.


Go to

To login, click on the Salesforce logo.

This will forward you to the Salesforce Login and confirmation screen.

Once you logged into your Salesforce account and allowed access, you will be returned to the application to process the login.

Handling Login problems:

If there are connection problems, you can reset any settings in the application by clicking on the Reset button this deletes all cookies and will request a new authorization from Salesforce. If you want to switch between accounts, you may have to wait for the old Salesforce session to expire as Salesforce optimizes the login process and may nor re-authorize even if requested.

If you get the error message: "Could not log in. You need to have 'Accorto Cloud Plus' installed!" please make sure that you used the credentials for a Salesforce organization with Accorto Cloud Plus installed.

If you get the error message "authentication failure - Failed: API security token required", please check the Security section below.

Login Details for Sandbox or for users of the Salesforce Community (Portal).

Mobile Menu

Depending on the width of the mobile device and the orientation, the menu might be hidden. Just click on the (top left) logo to display it:

Summary Tab

The summary includes information about time and expenses entered that day or in that week. It includes all Time and Expense entries, entered in the mobile application or in Salesforce and includes also submitted and not submitted Time and Expense reports.

Currently, the beginning of the week is Sunday.

You can refresh the summary to get updated information.

Time Tab

Enter the time in hours - either in the format hh:mm - e.g. 1:30 - or in the format hh.fraction - e.g. 1.5 - or as minutes, e.g. 90 - all resulting in 90 minutes and displayed as 1.5 after leaving the field.

If you enter numbers (without decimal points) below 8, they are interpreted as hours, above that as minutes. Example: "9" results in 0.15 and "9." results in 9.00.

For quick data entry, the date defaults to the last date entered - same as the last project and activity type. Reset will remove the previous defaults.

Expense Tab

Enter the amount - and if the organization supports multiple currencies - select the currency.

For quick data entry, the date defaults to the last date entered - same as the last project, activity type and financial account. Reset will remove the previous defaults.


You can upload images of your receipts after the record is saved. Select the Upload Receipt Picture checkbox befor you save the record - or select the record in the Recent tab.

Depending on the device you can then take a picture and/or select an existing picture for upload.

Recent Tab

The recent tab displays the list of recent time or expense records. You can click on the name of the entry to edit it. You can only edit Time and Expense items which are not submitted for approval. Editing of time entries is limited to single day entries not created in the Timesheet (where an entry could have time for multiple days).

Clock Tab

The clock tan provides the same functionality as the Time Tab and also allows you to start a timer or alarm.

You can also enter up to two timezones for displaying the current time. The time is also displayed in the header - white during the day - black at night (6pm to 6am).

The duration is automatically entered. You can overwrite it after the timer/alarm is stopped.

Help and Support

When you click on the "?"in the header, the most recent notification will be displayed with a link to this page and the ability to enter a support ticket directly from there.

Mobile Help and Support

You can close the window by clicking anywhere.


We check the capability of the browser and you can overwrite the behavior for a particular device: Click in Help ? and then on the settings icon (top right).

System messages

System messages are displayed for about 5 seconds in the header. No need to click anything for acknowledgement. If you want to check the last message displayed, just click in the "?" in the header.

Field Coloring and indicators

  • Normal - white background
  • Changed content - light yellow background - reset via ESC in the field or click the Reset button to reverse all fields
  • Required Input - Label is bold - If the field is empty, it is indicated as an error
  • Error - The border is red and the label shows the error message.



At no point usernames nor passwords are saved/stored in our system and all traffic is encrypted via SSL.

Usually you want to login via the OAuth mechanism. This forwards your login to Salesforce and the application receives a token to access your information.

You can also enter the username and password directly on the login screen. For this, use the url

To enable this, you need to add our server to the trusted IPs - otherwise you will get the error "authentication failure - Failed: API security token required". The steps in Salesforce are:

Setup > Security Controls > Network Access

Add (ping as Start and End IP Address

When you are not sure what user you used to log in, click on help ? - it shows you the organization and Salesforce user id.


As a Salesforce Administrator, you can determine certain aspects of the Mobile user interface.

In Setup > Custom Settings select Manage Accorto Mobile

Define a Default Organization Level Value (top) and optionally overwrite it for certain Profiles or Users.