Financial Organizations allow to define defaults and preferences, mainly how Financial Accounts and Projects selections are displayed. 

You can explicitly select a Financial Organization in 

  • T+E Item
  • T+E Report
  • Invoice

otherwise it will use the Default Fin Organization.

Name and Address

By default, the Name, Phone and Address of the Organization (Setup > Company Information) is used.

Use the Financial Organization to use a different Company Name, Phone and Address on Invoices or Time+Expense Reports. 

For this, select an Account, which Name, Phone and Address will then be used instead of the default Name and Address of the Salesforce Organization.


You can add a Logo to T&E Reports and Invoices based on the Financial Organization.

Due to restrictions of the Salesforce pdf technology, the image must be scaled to the correct size - use one of the online services if you do not have a logo in the correct size.

The image to be displayed can be

  • a static resource - use the Name
  • an attached file - use the Title

(the use of external http/s links is discontinued)

Enter either the Name of the static resource or the Title of the file attached to the Financial Organization record in the Logo Name Field