You can Capture Time directly from Salesforce Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, Events, Tasks or Project Lines as well in custom objects. All records entered will be saved and displayed in your weekly Timesheet or daily Timecard.

You could also use Lightning Components to capture time and expenses or use a timer.

From the Timesheet, you can directly go, e.g. to the Case or Opportunity where the time was captured. You can report on exactly how much time was spent on a particular case, opportunity or other object where time was captured from.


Click on the button and a popup window allows you to capture the time and additional information.

Main information:

  • Enter the time in hh:mm format (e.g. :30) or in hh.ff (e.g. 0.5 for 30 minutes). The time is converted to and maintained in hour fractions.
  • Select any Activity Type
  • Select a Project (might be restricted to project for the account). 

    If no projects are found, the projects without an account are available for selection.

  • The date defaults to the current day

You see also time entered previously by you or others.

If you capture time from Cases and Accounts, we provide additional functionality.

Capture Time from Case

In cases, you can optionally publish the description as a private or public comment (default selection set in Custom Settings).

When capturing time from a Case, the Project selection is restricted to active Projects of the Account.  If there are multiple projects, the project marked as "Support Project" is automatically selected.  If the project has multiple lines, the Project Line marked as "Support Line" is pre-selected.  You can change the project/line defaults.

You can create a new Support Project for the Account directly from the Case, if the account has no Projects:

Capture Time from Case - Create Project

If the Project has no lines, you can create a Support Project Line directly from the Case:

Capture Time from Case - Create Project Line

The created Project Line is marked as Support Line and with that automatically selected when entering time for this or another case from that account.

Capture Time from Case - Create Support Project Line

You can also create a specific Project Line for the Case (e.g. for long-lived Cases).

To enable this, to to > Setup > Custom Settings - Manage Accorto Settings

and set "Project Line Support" to "case".

Capture Time from Account

When capturing time from an account record, the Projects are restricted to the projects for that account.  

If the account has no active projects and parent, the projects of the parent are displayed. If the parent account has no projects, the parent account of the parent account is checked.

If no projects are found, the projects with no account are available for selection and a button "Show all Projects"

This allows to capture time referencing an additional account (project account and for account).

Capture Time from Account


If you don't see the Capture Time button, you can add it for Cases, Events, Tasks, etc. by

  • Click on Edit Layout (or in the Custom Object, edit the Page Layout)
  • Select Buttons in the Layout
  • Drag the Capture Time button into the Customs Button part in the header
  • Save


You can customize the Capture Time functionality by copying information from the "host object" to the T&E (custom) field.  Standard information like Account is automatically copied.

Go to > Setup > Develop > Custom Settings

Manage: Capture Time Columns

The Source object - select/enter one of 

  • In Case
  • In Event
  • In Task
  • In Object (enter custom object name)

The Source field

  • Custom Field (enter the field name of the object)

The Target

  • T&E Field - enter the name of a (custom) field in the T&E Object

After saving, when Capturing Time in a "source" record, the information will be copied to the T&E Item record.

Custom Objects

To add Capture Time to custom objects, a VisualPage with Apex needs to be installed. 

Contact us for implementation details. The effort us usually under one hour.