You connect to the mobile application by going to

and click the [Salesforce Login] button which forwards to Salesforce to authorization.

Salesforce Login

If you work with multiple Salesforce accounts, use the [Reset] button for force re-authorization.
The Login button changes to [Salesforce ReAuthorize].

Login Problems

If you have problems getting past the Salesforce screen, make sure that you do not "Always Block" cookies.

For Safari, go to > Settings > Safari > Block Cookies

and select any other than the "Always Block" option, e.g. "Allow from Current Website Only".


To login into a Sandbox, use

and click the [Salesforce Login (Sandbox)] button which connects you to

Connunity (Portal) User

Portal users need to be validated with the organization directly. Use

where <server name> is the salesforce url, e.g. or the portal/community address