You can create T&E Report PDFs for internal use or for Customer Approvals. There are several formats available and you can customize the reports by adding columns to print.

There are two main pdf layouts:

  • Internal Use - includes approval status, etc.
  • Customer - with address, signature line, etc.

Create the pdf by clicking on the links View Report or View Customer Report


You can customize the header by adding or changing the fields in the Field Set "Pdf Report" of the T&E Report object.  You can also add a Logo and Legall Name (create custom report, see below). The default layout:


  • Logo (if reference is provided)
  • Organization Name
  • Legal Name (if provided) with Organization Address

Customer Address if T+E Report has Contact and Account
  • Sales Rep Title and Name
  • Sales Rep Phone (if not empty)
  • Account Account Number (if not empty)
  • (columns in Field Set "Pdf Report" of object T+E Report)

Document Number:

  • T+E Report Name (T+E Report Date)
  • Resource Name (first+last date in T+E Report)
  • T+E Report Description
  • Status (if internal)
  • Expense Amount (if expense)
  • Hours (if time)
  • Customer Approval Ino (if internal)

Lines / Items

You can customize the item table columns by adding or changing the fields in the Field Set "Pdf Report" of the T&E Item object.

The layout of the item table is determined by the selection in the T&E Report field Customer Approval:

  • None - all entries
  • Time - lists time entries and information only
  • Expense - lists expense entries and information only
  • Time and Expense  - lists all entries
  • Timesheet - time entries in Timesheet layout
  • Daily - time and expense - one line per day

The strict selection of the layout applies only to Customer reports.  Internal reports will e.g. show Time and Expense, if you selected Time and the report has expenses or if you selected Expense and the report has time.

The Timesheet layout assumes a weekly report and prints the individual days (hours and description) in 7 daily columns (incl. weekends):

  • Project / Line
  • (columns in Field Set "Pdf Report" of object T+E Item)
  • hours/description for 7 days

The other layouts print the main information in a single line with the daily details (without additional date info) below that.

  • TE Item Name for Internal report
  • First TE Date of the TE Item
  • Project / Line
  • (columns in Field Set "Pdf Report" of object T+E Item)
  • Hours (if time report)
  • Description
  • Financial Account (if expense)
  • Receipt Amount (of expense)
  • Reason (if expense)
The second line shows the days with hours and daily description.

The Daily layout prints one line per day with the hours and description from the daily detail (i.e. the second line info mapped to the hour/description field.

Further Customization

You can further customize the layout by creating our own Visualforce Page and overwriting the css classes or add a logo from static resources.

Create a new Visualforce Page and copy/modify the content - example:


<apex:page standardController="accorto__TE_Report__c" showHeader="false" standardStylesheets="false" sidebar="false" applyHtmlTag="false" applyBodyTag="false" docType="html-5.0" renderAs="pdf" id="ter">
<html xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="">  
.orgLogo { 
    width: 220px;
.orgName {
    display: none; /* Salesforce Org Name */
<div class="slds">
    <c:accorto__TEReportHTML id="c" teReportId="{!$}" internal="false" 
        orgLegal="Accorto, Inc."/>