For resources, you can view all the hours entered - regardless of status (i.e. also not submitted).

You can view the hours directly - or create a Pdf, with the ability to add a signature line.

You can also save the Pdf and attach it to the resource.

Individual Resource Weekly Report

In the Resource tab, click on the Resource Weekly button for the individual.

(you may need to add the button to the page layout)


The Resource Weekly lists the T+E Items for the week. The Week start day is based on the Week start of the Payroll Processor (here Thursday).

Choose if you want to show project, project line and/or signature.

You can add additional fields to the report by adding the fields to the FieldSet PdfReport of the T+E Item object. The pdf is added as an attachment to the Resource.

Resource List Weekly 

Instead of creating the Resource Weekly by individual resource, you can create them in batch.  

You start it from the Resource Tab - List View:


Optionally select the resources and click the Resource Weekly List button.
(You may have to add the button in Resource Object > Search Layout > Resources List View) 


In addition to the options of the individual Resource Weekly, you can create a summary Pdf and save it as a document.