Accorto provides three presentation types of project selection. Which of the options you choose depends on the number of projects you have, their life cycle and longevity as well as your sharing settings.

Check also the Project Mode setup details.

Here we assume you use Project and Project Lines (the deliverables).  

Here how it looks in the Salesforce Classic UI:

Single DropDown:Single Drop Down

Individual Fields:

Dynamic DropDown:

Single DropDown
Individual Fields
Dynamic DropDown
Best for
few projects / lines
many projects / lines
many project / lines

people who work on a few specific projects/lines
people who need to access any projects (e.g. support)
combination of both
Show only active projects
Show only shared/allocated Lines
no (shows all lines)
shows just my projects / lines
project search, additional fields
automatic search reduction - or list of all
can get long if project/lines are not explicitly shared/allocated
Need to know what the project is called (2 char), 2-4 clicks per project + line selection
limited support in Safari
Project Mode Code

Select the Project Mode in  Setup > Custom Settings - Manage Accorto Settings

You have the option to overwrite the Project Mode for the Capture Time from Case.

If you have groups of people with different access needs, you can set up profiles e.g. for support staff with access to all projects/lines and consultants who work only on allocated project lines.