A visit combines Time and Expenses for an appointment or meeting in a single screen. It allows to immediately display relevant project details and attach documents.

The Visit tab is available in Lightning, Classic and for Community users and intended for mobile use.

New Visit

To record a new visit, select the Project (Line) and click Update Reference. Now you can view

  • Any Project (Line) details - add your own info via FieldSets
  • Project Statistics (hours for the last/this month/week for the Project and Line) [entered time]
  • Current From Location (from your browser)
  • Target Location (Billing Address of the Project Account) [red marker]
  • Distance and a Map
  • Additional custom fields
  • Previous visits

Visit Details

The current time is used as the default start (in) time.  The time can be rounded to e.g. full 5 minutes.

You can enter the end (out) time or enter the Duration in Minutes.

The duration (hours) can be rounded up e.g. to full hour, 15 minutes, etc.


In addition to the Time, you can add multiple expense items.  You can create a line for default expenses (e.g. Mileage).

When saved, the expense items get the same references (project, activity type, ...) as the time.

After saving, you get two more empty Expense lines.

Visit Details


You can attach multiple documents to the Visit. If the file is an image, a  thumbnail is displayed.

Time and Expense Items

When saving, time and expense items are created and added to the Visit.

When updating a reference (e.g. Project, Activity Type), all T+E Items are updated.

Submit the Time and Expenses via the Timesheet and/or Expense Tab.

Query Visits

When opening the Visit tab, your Planned Visits are displayed (for the resource). Click on the name to update.

You can create Planned Visits to create e.g. a schedule.

You can query your Previous Visits (for the resource)  when you create a New Visit and no Project reference was entered. Click either on the "Update Reference" or on the "Show" button in the Previous Visits section. You can also load your previous visits via the "Load" Dropdown selection list on top of the page.

After selecting a Project (Line) and clicking Update Reference, all Visits (last 90 days) for the Projects are displayed (also from other resources) - for a complete history.