When creating simple Tasks from a Checklist, there is no need for the task user to have a license. 

The non-licensed user has all the standard Salesforce task functionality. As the non-licensed user does not have access to the Checklist functionality, the following restrictions apply:

Task Processing

  • The standard product just maintains the Created and Last Updated information. We added the following fields for more accurate task tracking.  Without a license, these fields are not updated).
    • Actual Start Time  (when the task status was changed from Not Started)
    • Actual End Time (when the status was last changed to Completed)
    • Closed By (the user who actually last closed the task)
  • We added workflow capabilities to otherwise a flat last list (e.g. A -> B -> C -- where B is only started when A is completed).  When e.g. the user assigned to task A does not have a license and completes the task, the status of task B remains at "Waiting on someone else".  So, the workflow is "stuck" and requires manual action.
  • Microtasks are a checklist within a checklist. In Lightning, you can just tick off all the items and the Task is then automatically completed.
  • Start Flows when a task is started or completed.

Task Management

In addition to the standard Salesforce Task management and reporting, the licensed user can

  • Open Tasks provides comprehensive ad hoc query options to check task progress
  • The Task Managementlightning component allows to quickly check and manage
    • Only own Tasks (or all you have access to)
    • Only open Tasks (or all including closed or waiting)
    • Only tasks created by Checklist (or all tasks including manually created)
  • The Add Checklist lightning component lets you not just create new checklists, but also view progress and manage the tasks. The Task Table component is an alternative if users should not be able to create new Checklist Tasks manually.
  • The Task Management, Task Table, or Add Checklist components provide
    • one click Task complete/un-complete (toggle)
    • Microtask 
  • The Checklist Instance component provides summarized progress checks.
  • Timeline with Micro-Tasks, Inline Edit, and file upload
  • Task Kanban with dynamic query, Micro-Tasks, Inline Edit, and file upload

In summary, it is beneficial if all users have a license.  The standard Salesforce licensing model does not allow to differentiate between Checklist Task creators and users.  Please contact us for a discount if you have a significant number of "just users".  We also offer site licenses to make user management easier.