View Invoices for an account and record payments.

Invoice Payment

Manual Recording

From the Invoice Tab, select the invoice you want to mark as paid. Click on the Payment button. If there is no payment button, add it to the Page Layout.

After clicking on the Payment link, the Invoice Payment window is opened.

The History section shows the invoices and payments of the account.

The Payment section is filled out based on the information of the invoice used.

Payments are recorded with the document type of "AR Credit Memo", you could create a specific document type for Payments.

Review the Payment amount, add a description and check the reference to the invoice to be paid (will be marked as paid).

Invoice Payments

After confirming the information, click Save Payment.

The invoice is marked as paid and the open amount is updated.

After Invoice Payment

How to record underpayments?

Example: Invoice $500 - Payment $200

- just record the payment, the open balance will be reduced.

How to record prepayments?

If you have a prepayment invoice, just record it.  You can create a Document Type, e.g. "Prepayment Invoice" with the "Statistical" checkbox checked. This way, the the prepayment invoice does not increase the open amount for the account and the actual prepayment decreases the open amount.

How to record write-offs and fees?

Example: Invoice $500 - Payment $480

- record the $480 as usual

- record the $20 as payment

- mark the invoice as paid

(we plan to simplify this in a future release)