By default, the weekend days are Saturday and Sunday.

These are basically the planned non-working days.

You can define your own non-working days as follows:

  • In Resource, define the specific non-working days in the field "Weekend Days" (most specific)
  • In Payroll Processor, define the specific non-working days in the field "Weekend Days" (payroll processor for the resource or the default)

If not defined, the default is Saturday and Sunday.

One option is also to select "None" - i.e. there are no non-working days.

Note that the "Weekend Days" should be in sync with the Resource "Days per week" (if not defined, defaults to 5)


The weekend settings are used

  • In Time Off
    • when entering an end date to calculate the hours based on daily capacity, weekend days as well as holidays
    • when entering the hours (or days), the end date is calculated.
  • In Timesheet
    • The non-working days are hidden unless "Show Weekends"
  • In Daily Time
    • For the header, the Weekend Days of the default Payroll Processor is used
    • The resource details are colored based on the resource's weekend days

(open: Utilization)

Use Case: Part Time Staff

The user works Mo, We, Fr

Part Time Weekend settings