You can send invoices per email directly from the Invoice tab.  The invoice emails can be based on an email template (provided or own) and you can overwrite email subject, html/plain content.

Send the email from your email or an organization-wide address.

Send Invoice email

Use the Reload button when you changed the Template or the Invoice Account Contact.

When the email with the pdf is sent, the pdf is attached to the invoice record and the Last Email Sent is updated.


Add Organization-Wide Address

In Setup, optionally add an organization-wide address. This allows sending emails from a department, e.g.

Review / Create Email Template

Setup > Email > Classic Email Templates

We provide an Email Template "Invoice Email Template"

  • Using Organization Name 
  • Using Invoice Owner Signature
  • Standard Invoice Layout attached as pdf

You can create your own the templates:

  • Select: HTML (using Classic Letterhead)
    • We do not use the Letterhead, just the content
  • The Email Template Name must include "Invoice"
  • Email Template: select "Free Form Letter"
  • The Subject is not used