When you create Tasks from a checklist, we create a checklist instance.

You find the Instances in the related list of Checklists.

This allows you to track on a summary level, the progress of the individual tasks created:

  • Status: Waiting - Active - Closed
  • Task Count
  • Active Count: number of tasks currently not waiting
  • Closed Count
  • Actual Start: date/time of the first start date
  • Actual Close: date/time the last task was closed
  • Start Delay (days): number of days from the creation to the actual start or if not started to now
    • you could create e.g. alerts when the start delay is greater than x days (incl. weekends)
  • Duration (days): number of days from the actual start to the actual end if closed or to now
    • you could create e.g. alters when the duration is longer than x days (incl. weekends)

We provide a report, which you could modify and add to a dashboard:

Checklist Instance Report

Another out-of-the-box report shows Checklist Instances and Tasks.

Link to Account

Checklist instances have a link to the record they were added to.

In addition to that, we maintain a link to the account, so that you could report, e.g. on all Tasks for accounts created for the Account object directly or the account's opportunities, chases or custom objects which link to accounts

Checklist Instance Component

The checklist instances component shows the status and progress of the checklist tasks - as well as the next task.

To add it to any page, click Edit Page and drag the Checklist Instances component onto the layout.

Checklist Instances