Invoice Markups add a percentage to the service or expense.  

Example: a designer purchases pictures (captured as expense) and invoices them with a margin.

Markups can be flat (single value for all items) or based on Financial Account or by Resource.

Flat Markups

When creating an invoice, you can enter a markup on all expenses/services.

You can select if the markup are for all invoice items or just services or expenses.

In the Create Customer Invoice (from T&E Reports) dialog enter the Markup:

Markups for Time, Expenses or both

When you select a project, the Project Handling field value is copied to the Markup field, if you did not provide a value.

When you add the Invoice Lines, you can overwrite the calculated Unit Price:

Invoice Markup

When hovering over the Markup value, we display the source of the markup.

(similar to when hovering over the subtotal, which displays how the price is derived).

To change the markup percent, update the value in the Create Invoice Line Options section, and click Add Invoice Lines.

In the invoice line, use the Discount to check on the actual Markup; The Discount for markups will be negative. The original markup value will not be accurate if you overwrite the unit price.

Flat Markup Setup

Determine where the markup is applied

  • Both (default)
  • Time or "T"
  • Expense or "E"

> Setup > Custom Setting -- Manage Accorto Settings -- Invoice Markup Type

Markup based on Fin.Accounts or Resource

Markup on Services can be flat only (see above) - for Services, just increase the Billing Rate.

For expenses, the flat markup above is overwritten by Financial Account or Resource (first priority).

In the Financial Account, define the Markup percent. When you select the financial account in an expense item, the markup is added when creating the invoice.  This is useful, if you use the same markup for an expense category for all customers.

You can also enter 0 as markup to exclude this expense category from markups.

If the markup differs by customer or resource, use the Resource price to define the markup:

  1. The Financial Account must have a Markup of 0 or any percentage. This allows selection of the Financial Account in the Resource Price (example below: Airfare w Markup)
  2. In the Resource Price, select the Fin.Account and enter the Markup.  If the Fin.Account is a fixed rate (e.g. Per Diem), enter the Billing Rate or 0.

If the expense item has a fixed price (e.g. Mileage, Per Diem, ..), you need to define a Billing Rate; The Markup is then added to that rate. Alternatively, you could just increase the Billing Rate.