View and manage your tasks easily in the the Task Table. The Task Table is is displayed in the Task Management or Add Checklist component and also can be added directly to any lightning page layout.

You can

  • Complete a task if clicked on the open task icon (1)
  • Reopen a task if clicked on the completed task icon (2)
  • Complete/Reopen a Mico-Task by clicking on the checkbox (3)
  • Sort the content by clicking on the header (4)
  • Resize the width by dragging the end of the header (5)

Task Table

The columns displayed are dependent on

  • selection of Show Own, Show Open
  • area - In a small area, just the first 4 columns are displayed


You can add columns to the layout or create your own layout.

in Setup > Object Manager > Task -- Field Sets

Task Table customization

edit the TaskTable_Default field set

or create your own Field Set with the name like "TaskTable_Small", TaskTable_Medium", TaskTable_Large".

The size is based on the lightning region size - in the popular "2:1" layout, the left side is Medium and the right side is Small.

Just drag the fields to display to "In the Field Set" and change the display sequence.