Mass Import allows the processing of high volume Time+Expense information. Smaller import files can be imported also via the Import links in the Welcome Tab or Timesheet.

After the data is imported, deleting the import does not delete T+E Items or Reports.

If required, set the Import Parameters (Custom Settings) for headless data files or custom mapping of columns.

a) Loading

In the Tab T+E Import, create a New record. This opens the Load + Process screen.  You can re-open it later by clicking on the Load + Process button.

- Choose a File and click Load CSV

This loads the file and creates the import lines

After Loading, check

  • Columns Used (the API names are listed here)
  • Columns Ignored (not recognized)
  • Total number of lines

After this, you can also view the import lines in the standard Salesforce tab.

b) Processing

After you loaded the lines, check the process parameters:

  • Report Creation Option
  • Import All or None (if selected, nothing is imported if there is an error)
  • Submit Reports (if reports are created)

After clicking the Process button, Refresh the page to check for updates. Processing is done via batch. 

After the process is complete, the summary information is displayed.

If there are errors, go back to the Import record and check the Import lines for errors. You can fix the error right there and come back to this screen to start the process again.

You can also delete the created T+E Items and Reports.  For that, update the description with "Delete Reports" and/or "Delete Items" as a confirmation.  Deleting the Import record (and/or the lines) does not delete the imported T+E Items and Reports.