The Financial Account is populated from the Expense Item.

For Services, you can populate the Financial Account from Project Lines.

The Financial Account will only be filled in

- when the Invoice Line does not have a Financial Account specified (manually or via Expense Item)

- when the Invoice Line references a Project Line (and the Line does not have the Category: None)

You can overwrite the Financial Account anytime.



In Setup > Picklist Value Sets select Project Line Category

Add additional Categories in addition to the default values provided:

  • Default (the Financial Account, if nothing is specified in the Project Line)
  • None (Financial Account is not populated)

Please make sure to add the added options in

- Setup > Object Manager - select Project Line - Record Types

for the record types, edit the Category Picklist and add the values required

Financial Account

in Tab > Fin Account

create or edit an account and set the field Project Line Category to one of the options.

You should specify one account as "Default".

Selecting None does not have any impact.

If you select the same Category in multiple financial accounts, the first found will be used.

Project Line

in Tab > Project, select/create a project and select/create a Project Line (Deliverable); In the field Category select one of the options.

There is no need to select the Category Default.

When you select the Category None, no financial account will be referenced for service (Time) Items.

Then copying lines (e.g. from Template), the Category is copied.