You can move a project line to another project - or the project line transactions (e.g. time records) to another project line.  This allows to clean up reporting and make projects consistent.

Go to the Project Line you want to move and click the button Move (you might need to add it to the page layout).

Project restructure

In this example, we are moving the Project Line 'Support' of the Project 'Acme Holding JPY' 

to the project 'Acme Project.

With the settings above, a new Project Line 'Support' will be created, copying all details of the project line and copying all references to the new Project Line (technically, a child record cannot be moved in Salesforce).

Another option would be to select an existing Project Line of the 'Acme Project'.

After the move, the old Project Line still exists, but you now can delete it.


  1. Make sure that the Target Project is active and not Completed.
  2. The Project Line to be moved must be not Completed.
  3. In the dialog (above), select the target project
  4. Click on Move
  5. This starts a batch process to create the project line and to move all references.
  6. Check the progress in Setup > Apex Jobs
  7. Once complete, check the related lists if the Source Project Line - they should be empty
  8. Delete the old project line

Note that you can also save the project line Move information and start the batch job via anonymous apex.