You can set up Accorto to track statutory Holidays.  Users then would enter holiday time in the Timesheet.  You can pre-populate these entries.

Holiday Setup

There are several ways to track holidays.  This os a typical setup:

- in the tab Payroll Code, create a Holiday record with the Holiday Indicator selected.

- in the tab Project, create a record referencing the Payroll Code

    (also make sure to select Share All Lines, to make it available for all)

Create Holiday Time Items

In the tab Resources, select any view (other than Recently View) - This allows you to click the button Holiday Time.

Before clicking you can also select the resources you want to create Holiday time entries for.

Select Resources to create holiday entries

In this example, we selected some resources for the Holiday we want to create.

In the dialog, you see the resources to create Holiday entries for.  You can also select a particular Resource Group or
-all- for all active Resources:

You also see the furture holidays with information in the comment of previous Holiday entry crations (here for all 21 resources).

In the second part of the screen:

enter date, hours, decription and optionally select a project/lina and activity type.

You have the following Create Options:

  • Create T+E Items Only -- this just creates the Time item, the user can update it and it will be incuded in the timesheet for that week.
  • Create T+E Items, Report and Submit -- this creates the Time items and one Report and submits this.  The report contains the Holiday entries for all resources.  The user sees the (readonly) entry in the Timesheet. It is easy to see in the Timesheet lightning component - in classic it is by default in the Previous Time header, and you can query all entries for the week.
  • Create T+E Items, Report and Approve -- same as above, but here it is automatically approved.

The Holiday Options are:

  • Create only if Holiday does not exist -- we use Salesforce Holidays as easy tracking what Holiday entries you created. This prevents duplicates.
  • Create always -- ignores the existence of a Salesforce Holiday entry and just updates the description.

After you submitted, you have to refresh the screen to see the newly created Holiday.

When you used one of the the Report options, you can check the T+E Report in the tab.