Create (multiple) invoices from approved Time+Expense Items.  See also Billing.


In the Tab Pre-Billing, optionally enter query criteria and click Query:

The main query criteria are

  • Query Scope: Time only (default), Expense only, Time&Expenses
  • Show Billable: All (default), Billable only, Non-Billable only
  • Create multiple Invoices by: Account, Project, Project Phase, Project Line
  • T&E Date from/to
  • Account
  • Project, Project Phase, Project Line
  • Only for Resource

As only approved Time+Expense Items are displayed, you could check completeness - which time/expense items are not approved or not submitted

  • Select Include Not Approved and click Query

Query Results

The query results show summary information and details

Check and Update Billing Rates

In the details section, the used Billing Rates are displayed.

  • if the rate shows "? 0.00", no billing rate was found
  • if a * is displayed before the price, the price was updated. When hovering over the rate, it shows what price was used.

If the billing rate was updated, you should click Update T+E Items to save the adjusted rates.

Here you can also select or de-select if the time/expense entry should be invoiced.

Creating Invoices

Depending on the selection (entered Account, Project, Line, ..) the create options are displayed:

  • Create single Invoice
  • Create a single Invoice in Batch (if there are too many items to process synchronously)
  • Create multiple Invoices

In this example, I have the option to create one or two invoices:

How many invoices to create depends on the Create multiple Invoices by selection

  • Account, Project, Project Phase, Project Line

After clicking on the Create x Invoices button, the result is displayed

In this case, two invoices were created successfully, and I could check the invoice details by clicking on the Invoice link.

One invoice was not created, and the error displayed. The account had no address information. 

In addition, there was no price found (services amount 0). This could be fixed by updating the invoice line later.

Note that there might be a small delay when creating the invoice lines.  The invoice header is created immediately, but the invoice lines are created asynchronously.

Data Flow: