When entering time referencing Project (Lines), you can get status information showing planned hours with the total actual hours. Note this only applies to the Lightning version of the Timesheet (Tab: Time) as well as the components (New Time, Timer).

You can enable/disable the display if the Project Line Status via 

> Setup > Custom Settings -- Manage Accorto Settings

set the entry for 'Show Project Status' to 'yes' (default) or 'no'

Project Line Status

Notre if there is no Planned Effort defined on Project Lines, the actual information is displayed, but there will be no color indicators (as no target info is available).

When hovering over the indicator, you will see the following information

  • Project Line: Planned Hours
  • Actual entered time for this project line by all users
  • Resource Allocation: Planned Hours (if entered)
  • Actual entered time for this project line by you

In the example above, you can see the 5 different options:

  • red - error: the actual hours are over the planned hours - for the project line or the resource
  • yellow - warning: the actual hours are the same as the planned hours
  • green - success: the actual hours are below the planned hours
  • gray - info: there are no planned hours - the actual info are displayed
  • no info: no project line selected

The actual info depends on the week/date entered

  • if the project line is selected, the actual hours up to that week is displayed
  • if the item is saved, the actual hours displayed includes the saved hours