When entering time referencing Project Lines, you can get status information showing planned hours with the total actual hours.

You can enable/disable the display if the Project Line Status via 

> Setup > Custom Settings -- Manage Accorto Settings

set the entry for 'Show Project Line Status' to 'yes' (default) or 'no'

Project Line Status

When hovering over the indicator, you will see the following information

  • Project Line: Planned Hours
  • Actual entered time for this project line by all users
  • Resource Allocation: Planned Hours (if entered)
  • Actual entered time for this project line by you

In the example above, you can see the 5 different options:

  • red - error: the actual hours are over the planned hours - for the project line or the resource
  • yellow - warning: the actual hours are the same as the planned hours
  • green - success: the actual hours are below the planned hours
  • gray - info: there are no planned hours - the actual info are displayed
  • no info: no project line selected

The actual info depends on the week/date entered

  • if the project line is selected, the actual hours up to that week is displayed
  • if the item is saved, the actual hours displayed includes the saved hours