The Resource Costs (per hour) can be maintained on Resource level and/or Resource Price level.

The Resource Cost Mgt options are

  • price - only use Resource Price costs
    - usually used for contractors 
  • resource - always use Resource costs
    - maintain the resource costs centrally, no need to define/set the costs on every Resource Price 
  • fallback - default
    - use the Resource costs if Resource Price costs are not defined

If you use the "resource" option, the costs entered in the resource prices is ignored and read-only in the Rate Management

Resource costs

On the Resource, you can enter the Resource Costs, e.g.

Resource Details

Resource Price costs

Resource Price details

In this case, if the Resource Cost Mgt is

  • price - USD 90 would be used
  • resource - USD 220 would be used (i.e. resource price costs are ignored)
  • fallback - USD 90 would be used as defined in the resource price record and as it is the same currency


If you are using Multi-Currency, the Resource price is only used if the Resource Price has the same currency.