Accorto uses the Salesforce Platform cache to improve performance.

By default, Accorto uses the Provider Free cache - 2MB for Org Cache - 1MB for Session Cache.

In some situations, the Cache is not set up correctly (see below).  In that case open a Salesforce ticket to enable the Provider Cache.

You can view the cache use details in the tab

> Welcome > Status.

In the Org Cache, we e.g. cache Resources and Prices 

In the Session Cache, we e.g. cache Project/Phase/Line display for the user

In the Welcome Status Tab, you can also Test and Reset the Cache. To reset the cache should only be necessary in rare situations like a change of the Project/Phase/Line display structure.

You can also disable the use of the cache: Platform Cache Disable


Go to the Platform Cache: > Setup > Platform Cache

Accorto Platform Cache

Click on the Edit for the accorto partition:

Out of the box, you should see the 1/2 MB Provider Free allocations. If not, please log a case with Salesforce.  You can also add additional cache from your allocation.

If you get an error like: "Failed Cache.Org.getMaxGetSize() : null. Contact support with error ID: ..",

the cache is not provisioned (see above) ... and no - the solution provider was not notified.