Customers can review and optionally approve Invoices via Salesforce Community.

This can also used as Bill Presentment.

In the Invoice, select one of the Customer Approval Types

  • None (default)
  • View Only
  • Invoice Only (i.e. no approval/comment on invoice line level)
  • Invoice and Lines  
  • ReadOnly (close the option to approve or change the approval)

The Customer Approval Type defaults from the type defined in the Project or the Document Type.

In the Invoice, click on the "Customer Approval Request" button

The system checks

  • the selected customer approver is a Community User (i.e. can log in and review)
  • email of contact and user is the same (email is sent to the contact)

Then, enter an optional request comment and click on the "Send Request" button.  An email is sent to the contact with the email template indicated.

You can monitor progress via the Customer Invoice Approval report.

You can select what the user views and approves:

  • None
  • View Only
  • Invoice Only
  • Invoice and Lines

Invoice Review

In the Experience User Interface, add the component:

if you click on the lines:


Profile and Permission Set

Set up a custom Profile for Customers to view/approve the invoices. In the profile add access (view only or update) to Invoice and Invoice Line.  

Set up a Permission Set with access to Invoice and Invoice Line (view only or update) 

as well as the Apex class: accorto.InvoiceApprovalController

We automatically add the security rule, that customers can only view their invoices in the Customer Approval Component. If you want to grant customers access to reports, etc. you would have to set up the security for that.

By default, all contacts of an account can view all invoices of the account.

Customer Contact

In the contact click on "Enable Customer User" and select the dedicated Profile.


In > Setup > Digital Experiences > All Sites - create or modify an Experience Site (Customer Account Portal or Customer Service are good starting points)

In the Members section, select the Permission Set for your customers.

In the Builder, add the "Invoice Customer Approval" to the page

Email Template

in > Setup > Classic Email Templates. create or update the "Customer Invoice Approval Template" with the actual community login URL and additional information.