To manage the Sales Tax setup, click on Tax in the Account (Customer) record.

This step is optional but required if you want to manage customer tax exemption certificates.

Also, check Sales Tax Setup and Tax Locations.

The general steps are

  • enter the account billing/shipping address
  • validate the address
  • optionally copy the validated address to the account billing/shipping address
  • Sync the Tax Customer to Avalara

The Tab shows the account Billing and Shipping address.

The minimum information required is the street and the Zip/Postal Code.

Once you validated the address, you can copy the validated address to the billing or shipping address.

You can also enter the Taxpayer Number (EIN or SSN), which is then also synced to Avalara.

The Reset option will delete all tax locations and also delete the customer record in Avalara and is only displayed on debug mode.

Sync Tax Customer

This step creates/updates the customer record to Avalara.

In the Avalara User interface, under Exceptions, you then can manage the tax exception certificates.