Checklist for Salesforce provides an improved Timeline

  • Show Micro Tasks
  • Inline Editing of Task and Related Records


  • Tasks, Events
  • Emails

with the ability to send emails.

The component can be added to the Home page or any record page.  If added to a record page, it only shows the activities for that record.

The timeline shows

  • Open Activities (1)
    • Due (and overdue)
    • Activities assigned to you
    • All Activities
  • Closed Activities (5)
    • Recent (1 week)
    • All Activities

Open activities are displayed with all details

  • Description, Micro Tasks (2)
  • Inline Edit (3) of either Task fields or Related Record fields

Closed activities show the details collapsed - You can always toggle it by clicking on the > icon (4)

You can complete Tasks and Micro-Tasks directly in the Timeline - and also reopen closed Tasks.

Sending Email

You can send emails directly from the timeline (if enabled in the setup):

after clicking on the Email icon, you can enter or select the email address.  

We check and show all contact emails for the related account of that record:

Just add the subject and the email text and send.


In the Lightning App Builder, add the component Timeline to the layout.

On the properties, you can select if the Send Email button is displayed.

Timeline Setup