As soon as a user is deactivated in Salesforce, changes to records owned by the users are prevented.

You generally want to deactivate a user once all the T+E Items are processed (invoiced).

Alternatively, you can assign the ownership of the T+E Items to another (active) user.

Steps: go to > Setup > Users and select the user and click on the Create/Update Resource link.

In the User owned T+E Items secion you can view

  • status and number of not approved hours
  • status and number  of not invoiced hours

In the example, there are quite a few completed hours, but only 18 of them are marked as billable and not invoiced.

You could now submit and approve the hours as well as create an invoice for them now (before deactivating the user) - or change the ownership of the records to another active user:

  • Not Invoiced: all T+E Items which are marked as billable, but not invoiced yet
  • Not Approved: all T+E Items wuth the status of New, Completed, Not Approved or Submitted

Changing the ownership of the T+E Items has no impact on reporting, as you usually report on the Resource - not the owner.