The time and expenses in T&E Item records are stored on a weekly basis. This will create inaccuracies if you need to create reports for an exact day range - like monthly.

In the T&E Item record, you will find the following date fields

  • T&E Date -- the start of the week date
  • T&E Date First -- the first day with hours
  • T&E Date Last -- the last day with hours
  • T&E Date First Month -- the first day of the month based on the T&E Date
  • Receipt Date -- the day of the actual receipt

As a month does not match weekly boundaries, we can split time entries to match month boundaries. You can Split T+E Reports on the 1st or 16th automatically or Split T+E Items for any date range

Daily Reporting

We created the T&E Item Day for day accurate reporting.  The records are created automatically and can be recreated.

In general, you use the fields in T&E Item Day

  • T&E Day
  • Hours
  • Receipt Amount

and use the references like Project, Resource, etc. from the base T&E Item object

To create a new report, select the Report Type T&E Items with T&E Item Days

and then select the T&E Day and Hours fields from T&E Item Day (yellow) and the rest from T&E Item (collapsed)