Time Off Details maintain summaries of the Time Off Type per Period and calculate a running total.

For Time Off Accruals, which are calculated based on eligible work hours, the process also calculates the entitlements. 

For all accruals, the process can create adjustments for entitlement and use carryover balances.

The Time Off Details are started manually by clicking on the action "Process"

Time Off Accrual Details

The details section displays a summary of the Detail Totals.  

When creating/updating, you can inspect the process details:

View the data in the Tab Time Off Details:

In this example, Daniel Deutsch worked 31h in October and 34h in November resulting in 1.03h and 1.13h of entitlements.  In November, Daniel took 4h of vacation (use) - so the total balance in October was 1.03h (from entitlements) and -1.84h in November (1.03h from October + 1.13h entitlements for November -4h use).

This example does not show adjustments for max carry over balances (e.g. you cannot carry over more than 40h Vacation entitlements to the new year). 

You can use the Time Off Details records for custom reporting and dashboards.

Automatic (re)creation of Time Off Details

You can start the creation of the Time Off Details via the "Create/update Time Off Details" for a particular Time Off Accrual - as shown in the example above.

You can automatically create the Details for all Accruals via the Process TimeOffDetail

> Setup > Apex Classes -- Schedule Apex