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Salesforce Account Comments

In Salesforce, you can reference fields in your Layout via formulas - e.g. show Account Status in Cases.

This is restricted to "small" fields, i.e. not available for Text Field or especially Rich Text Fields - and to update them, you need to that in the original object.

We created a package, which

- adds a Rich Text Field "Comments" to Account

- allows you to update these Account Comments in Case

Salesforce Classic - View Account Comment in Case


- Install for All Users (easier to remove than adding manually)

Implementation Steps:

(1) Add Comments Field to Account Layout

> Setup > Customize > Accounts > Page Layouts

- optionally add a Section with 1-Column

- add the Comment field to the new Section (or next to Description)

(2) Add Visualforce Page to Case Layout

> Setup > Customize > Cases > Page Layouts

- add a Section with 1-Column

- add the Account Comments Visualforce Page to the section created

- in the Visualforce Page Properties, select a Height and Show scrollbars

- Save

(3) Test

- create a new Case save or open an existing case

- create/update some comments

- view in Account

Implementation Screenshots:

Create a 1-Column Section or add to one

Set the height to match the expected average content

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Here the Lightning View:

The Edit Mode:

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