Accorto Time+Expense Items can maintain Hours for a week. The T&E date is the first day of the week (you can define what the first day is in Settings).

This may mean that a single report/item can cross month boundaries with inaccurate monthly reporting.

You can set up Accorto, so that it splits the Time+Expense report items by Month boundary (or semi-monthly)

Example: the weekly entry for 28.July-3.Aug is split into two entries - 28-31 Jul and 1-3 Aug.

A more detailed and flexible level is to maintain daily balances of T+E Items. 

Manual Split

You can run it for a single report by clicking on the "Split Items by Month" link in the Detail Page section of the T+E Report. 

Setup: Add the Custom Link to your Page Layout.

Batch Setup

Go to Setup > Develop > Custom Settings

  • click on: Manage: Accorto Settings 
  • select: T&E Item Split by Month

Go to Setup > Develop > Apex Classes

  • Schedule Apex: 
    • Apex Class Name: TEItemSplit
    • Set the frequency and start time.

Note, as an administrator, you can start the process also manually in the Developer Console by executing


Monitor via Setup > Monitoring > Apex Jobs

  • Here, you can monitor the execution of the jobs.
  • You also receive an email with the split results.

The application splits the T&E Items for the last 90 days.

Execute Anonymous

As administrator, you can also manually start the process:


Developer Console - Debug - Open Execute Anonymous Window