Time Off allows you to track Vacation entitlement and use. Check the Overview.

To request Time Off

  • Go to the tab Time Off View and click on the "New Time Off Request"
  • Go to the Tab Times Off and click New

Then submit your Request for approval

You can check your requests

  • tab Time Off View - with the current balance
  • Salesforce Calendar

You record your vacation / time off by selecting a Vacation Project or Activity Type in the Timesheet. Once the time is approved, a Use Record Type (rather than Request) is created.

There is no need to update/delete requests for not taken vacation. Once the time is passed for the request, the hours are set to 0 (you can still view the requested hours). In that sense the request is just the placeholder until the actual Use record is created.


Time Off requests have the following Record Types:

  • Request (entered by the user)
  • Entitlement (generated from Time Off Accruals)
  • Earned (generated from Time Off Accruals)
  • Use (generated from T&E entries)
  • Adjustment (manual administrator entry)

Accorto provides out-of-the-box two Page Layouts:
  • Admin Layout - with access to all Time Off Record Types
  • Vacation Layout - with access to Request only

In > Setup > Create > Objects > Time Off
assign the page layout to the different profiles.
(in section Page Layouts, click on the Page Layout Assignment button)

By default, the Vacation Layout is assigned to all profiles, just the Administrator has the Admin Layout.

Project - Payroll Code

You create the actual use link as follows:

In tab Payroll Codes, create or se a payroll code with the Indicator "Vacation" selected.

Create or select a Vacation Project, by selection the Payroll Code in tab Projects.

Alternatively, you can use an Activity Type and select the Vacation Payroll Code there.


A background process creates the link from the T&E Item with a Use record.

To schedule the process, go to Setup > Develop > Apex Classes and click the "Schedule Apex" button

  • Enter a name
  • Select the TimeOffActual Apex class
  • In Frequency select Weekly¬†
After the process is executed, you will see the new Use record entries in the Time Off View

If the actual vacation use does not show, make sure that the the vacation time is reported with a project or activity type with a Vacation payroll ode.