Manage Time Off (PTO, Paid Time Off) for Salesforce Users.  You can manage Vacation, Holidays, or Overtime.


Manage Time Off keeps track of Vacation entitlements and use.  

From the User's perspective, the workflow is

  • View the current status (Time Off View)
  • Create a Time Off Request from the Time Off View or the Tab Times Off
    • The Time Off Requests is submitted for approval
    • An Event is created to show the Time Off in the Salesforce Calendar
  • In the Timesheet, enter the Vacation by selecting a Vacation Project or Activity Type 
    • When the time is approved, it creates Time Off Use records, which are displayed in the Time Off View
  • There is no need to delete/update Time Off Requests for not taken Vacation. Once the date is passed, the hours are set to 0 (although you can still see/report the requested hours). The Request record is just a placeholder for the actual Use record created when reporting the Vacation via timesheet, etc.

For details see Time Off Requests and Time Off View.

 From the Manager's perspective

  • View the Vacation Entitlement, history, and requests in the Time Off View
    by selecting the Employee and querying the data
  • Approve Time Off requests
  • View Time Off via Report e.g. 'Times Off User Hours'
    • Customize the report for time based by restricting the Effective Date
      (e.g. balance as of 31 Dec)

From the Administrator's perspective

  • Create a Payroll Type Vacation and select the Vacation checkbox.
  • For a Project, Project Line or an Activity Type for Vacation, reference the Vacation Payroll Type
  • Update and assign the Time Off Page Layout 'Vacation Layout' to Profiles
  • Create the Time Off Entitlements
    • Automatically (monthly, weekly) via Time Off Accruals
    • Manually by entering or importing Time Off entitlement records
  • Capture actual Vacation Use
    • by starting the process Capture Actuals from any Time Off Accrual record
    • by scheduling the Apex class TimeOffActuals
    • manually start:  accorto.TimeOffActual.captureActuals(); 
  • Report on Balances - e.g. Report 'Times Off User Hours'

For details see Time Off Accruals.