Check your the Time-Off balance and history details - see also Time Off Requests

View Time Off Balances

Time Off User Balance


Add the "Time Off User" component to a Page (Edit Page), e.g. Home Page.

Time Off User Setup

You can customize the component

  • Show History Action: in a Time Off Type line, show the action to show the History
  • Show only Time Off Type: restrict the type to e.g. Vacation

Time Off View Tab

In the Tab Time Off View, you can query 

  • Vacation or Overtime (Time Off Type)
  • for an employee/user (defaults to yourself - managers can select users they have access to)

Check the Overview


Ordered by Effective Date (newest on top), you see the different record types, e.g.
  • Request
  • Entitlement
  • Use
with the hours, balance - and if requests with the start and end date - with a link to the actual record.

Note that for requests, the hours are 0 if you view it after the request start date - at that point, the request should be replaced by actual  (Use) records. 

The example Spring Vacation Request results in a negative balance - as the monthly entitlements were just created until March.