Use the standard Salesforce Workflow Rule and Approval Process functionality for any of the Accorto objects. Here we describe some options for approval process for Time+Expense Reports.

T&E Report Approval Process

To approve T&E Reports, you define one or more approval process for the different scenarios. The following shows how to setup a standard approval process.

  • Go to > Setup > Create > Workflow & Approvals > Approval Process
  • in Manage Approval Process For - select T&E Report
  • Use the Jump Start Wizard

Here some hints (see screen shot below):

  • Approval Assignment Email Template: 
    create your own or lookup under Accorto, the "T&E Report Approval Request"
  • Select Approver: usually automatically assign an approver using the Manager (in User)
  • Initial Submission Actions: 
    - Add existing Field Update - T&E Report Submitted
  • Final Approval Actions:
    - Edit the Record Lock and change to Unlock
    - Add existing Field Update: T&E Report Approved 
    - Add optional Email Alerts
  • Final Rejection Actions: 
    - Add existing Field Update: T&E Report NotApproved 
    - Add optional Email Alerts
  • Recall Actions: 
    - Add existing Field Update: T&E Report NotApproved

These changes allow to vie the approval status directly in the report without going into the tab.

Differentiating Time and Expense Reports

You can create different Approval Processes and use the Entry Criteria - e.g.based on fields Expense Amount and T&E Hours.

By Project Approval

If you submit your reports by Project, the Manager of the Project is copied to the Manager field in the T&E Report.