Login into the mobile application of Accorto Track 4D by going to the URL

you can also use

(Track 4D = track the 4th dimension = time)

Login with Salesforce Account

To login with your Salesforce Account, just click on the Button. You need to have access to the Accorto application in your Salesforce organization.

Salesforce Login

If you want to switch accounts, log out right-click (or press Shift while clicking) the Salesforce button.

To right-click on mobile, hold your finger on the button for 2 or so seconds)

Note that you have to allow pop up's.


By default "login.salesforce.com" is used as the authorization server. You can also use your domain directly enter your domain in the Sf Auth Server field.
Examples: accorto-dev-ed.my.salesforce.com, accorto-t710.my.salesforce.com
You can also

which sets the Salesforce authentication server

Sandbox Login

To login into your sandbox, enter "test" in the Sf Auth Server field (shortcut for "test.salesforce.com"):

Sandbox login

You can also 

which sets the Salesforce authentication server

Community (Portal) User Login

To login with a community or portal user account, enter the portal address (e.g. myCompany.force.com or myCompany.force.com/customer) in the Sf Auth Server field:

You can also 

  • use the url: https://myCompany.force.com_portal.track4d.app (note that the / in the target url is replaced by _)
  • or use a link with the info filled in - https://app.track4d.com?sfAuthServer=myCompany.force.com/portal

Login Url Parameters

When starting the application, you can add the following query parameters:

Salesforce Authorization Server - "login" (default),
"test" (Sandbox),
myDomain (e.g. accorto-t710.my.salesforce.com),
or portal
Note that you can also prefix the url "track4d.app" (see above). If used both, the parameter takes preference.
Salesforce User Name
Salesforce Password
Salesforce Password Token