Time Off Accrual helps to create the Paid Time Off (Vacation) entitlements for users. Check the Overview.


The following steps create Time Off records with the record type Entitlement (see manual option below).

Create Time Off Accrual

The Time Off Accrual creates Entitlements

  • for a specific number of entitlement hours
  • for a quequency (once, yearly, monthly, weekly)
  • for assigned users (next step)

You would create multiple Time Off Accruals for users with different entitlements (hours), bonus, etc.

Create Time Off Employee records

In the Next step, add the Users/Employees for this Accrual:

Time Off User/Employee

There is no need to select a start / end date unless you want to restrict the timespan.

Process Time Off Accrual

Create the Time Off Entitlements by

  • selecting Process Now in the Time Off Accrual
  • scheduling the Apex class TimeOffAccrual

You can start/run the process multiple times, it will not create duplicate records.

Changes (additional Employees, hours, ...) are used in the next run.

In the related list of the Execution, you can view the actual records created.


The alternative to creating 

  • Manually Creating Time Off records selecting the Record Type Entitlement and the User
  • Using Salesforce Data Loader or Import Wizard to load the information

The following fields are required

  • User
  • Type - e.g. 'Vacation'
  • Hours
  • Record Type - 'Entitlement'
  • Effective Date

Manual Entitlement